Ebike's Cleaning and Maintaining: How To Extend The Life Of Your Chain?

In the traditional bicycle system, the chain is one of the most easily worn parts. During riding, the chain is always running under a certain tension. Likewise, a complex environment will cause the chain to wear out faster (water, dirt, etc.). Cleaning and lubricating the chain will help it function properly and protect other transmission components (freewheels, chainrings, etc.) from additional wear.

How often should a ebike chain be cleaned and maintained?
There is no standard time or mileage for cleaning and maintaining a bicycle. Each rider’s riding environment is different. Oiling the chain should follow the following standards:

1. The color of the chain is black.
2. Turn the chain and observe whether there are any dirt, rust, or stuck joints near the chainring while turning (the chain becomes difficult to bend).
3. Listen for squeaks while riding.

There are two main ways to clean, one is without removing the chain, and the other is to remove the chain.
While the chain is still on the electric bicycle, you can perform partial maintenance on it. You should pay attention to:

1. The chain can be lubricated once every 150-300 kilometers of riding. Remember to wipe off the excess oil after lubrication. Especially in cities with heavy rain, you should oil your bicycle from time to time.
2. When cleaning, use a sturdy brush to remove the dirt between the links (an old toothbrush will also work).
3. Wipe off excess lubricant with a clean, dry cloth. Over-lubrication can attract new dirt.
4. Lubricate the night before your next ride to allow the oil to spread better.
5. For a more thorough cleaning, use a chain cleaning tool. Attach it to its own chain for a quick, deep clean.

You can also remove the chain, put the chain into a solvent (there are special solvents on the market), and then shake the solvent to clean the chain thoroughly. This kind of cleaning has a disadvantage, as it will remove all the lubricating oil from the chain when it leaves the factory, and these factory lubricating oils are often much better than the lubricating oils on the market.

Lubricating oil classification

Lubricating oil is usually divided into wet lubricating oil and dry lubricating oil. Wet lubricating oil is more resistant to rain and snow. If your city is humid all year round, you can choose wet lubricating oil. Compared with dry lubricating oil, it has the advantage of being more durable. But its main disadvantage is that it attracts more dirt. In dry seasons and climate conditions, dry lubricant can be used, which attracts less dirt than wet lubricant, but in return, it needs to be used more frequently, approximately every 160 kilometers or so.

About lubricants
There are two main functions of using lubricating oil:
1. Minimize the accumulation of dirt, as dirt will accelerate wear and tear.
2. Be durable, because a lack of lubricant will also increase chain wear.

FAQ about electric bicycle chains
1. How to prevent bicycle chains from rusting?
Answer: Bicycle chains are easily corroded by moisture and water and become rusty. You can apply a layer of anti-rust agent to the chain before riding to prevent water and moisture from entering the inside of the chain. After riding, wipe off the moisture on the chain in time and keep the chain dry.

2. How often should a bicycle chain be replaced?
Answer: The life of a bicycle chain depends on the frequency of use and maintenance. Generally speaking, bicycle chains should be replaced every 1,000 to 2,000 miles (1,600 to 3,200 kilometers). However, if the chain shows significant wear, stretch, or breaks, it should be replaced immediately. Replacing your chain promptly can prevent further damage to other bike components.

3. When the electric bicycle is not in use, can the chain be removed and stored?
The chain can be removed and stored, but this is not a common practice. Removing the chain requires some tools and skills, and reinstalling it may require some time and effort. Often, keeping the chain on the bike is the more convenient and practical option.

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